The 2024 Calendar and class schedule are now posted here! Check it out!


April 30, 2024 12:00 am - April 30, 2024 12:00 am

Black Belt Alumni Weekend
Friday, April 03 All day
Black Belts only. Come join the fun and bond with the Black Belt family.

Black Belt Banquet
Saturday, April 04 6 PM
Black Belts only. Black Belts may bring one non-Black-Belt guest. Come join us for our formal banquet. $60 per person, $120 per couple

Black Belt Review Week
Monday, April 06 In Class
Black Belt students will get some feedback and scoring on basics, forms and techniques. FREE

Crane Week – Obstacle Courses
Monday, April 06 12:00:00 AM
The crane is the animal of balance. We have some crazy obstacle courses to run you through. You will love it. FREE

Passover Starts
Wednesday, April 08
Begins at sundown.

Integrity’s Birthday
Thursday, April 09
Integrity Martial Arts Is Eighteen Years Old! FREE

Anatomy Of Confidence IMAX Only
Friday, April 10 4:00 – 6:30 PM
It is easy to see someone who is confident, but what are we really seeing? Learn how to look, sound and even feel confident in this life-changing Performance Martial Arts seminar. Pizza will be served. Free to IMAX Only

Art Of Diplomacy Overnight
Friday, April 10 6:30 PM -7 AM
Diplomacy is a brilliant board game that teaches how to influence, persuade, create win-wins and occasionally stab your allies in the back. Oh well. Pizza will be served. Players should be old enough and focused enough to play a board game well into the night. Dropping out in the middle is not okay. Free to IMAX Only

Black Belt Review Week
Monday, April 13 In Class
Black Belt students will get some feedback and scoring on self defense techniques and scenarios. FREE

Leopard Week
Monday, April 13 12:00:00 AM
The Leopard is the animal of speed. Be prepared for a fast-paced week. FREE

Women Self Defense
Thursday, April 16 6 – 9PM
Learn the Six Things Every Woman Should Know to Stay Safe. There are critical skills and ideas that can help you be capable in a crisis. The course is designed for people of all abilities and is realistic in its approach. Free. Register at

Snake Week
Monday, April 20 12:00:00 AM
Snake is the focus animal so lesson plans will focus on focus! FREE

Administrative Professionals Day
Wednesday, April 22
We will honor school secretaries by delivering cards and flowers. Don’t forget to sign the cards for your kid’s school!

Belt Advancement
Wednesday, April 22 4 – 9 PM
There will be no classes held this day for belt advancement. The test schedule is as follows: 4:30 PM Beginners, 5:30 PM Black Belt Pre-Qualifier One for students under Black. 7PM Pre-Qualifier Two for Black Belt level students, 8:00 Beginner Breakthrough (Junior Breakthrough and Adults). FREE

Ramadan Starts
Friday, April 24

Tour of Duty Event
Saturday, April 25 10 AM – 12 PM
Come listen to the amazing stories and powerful character lessons of our veterans. Also, we will take the opportunity to honor our vets with cards and words of thanks. This is a great event for all ages. Pizza will be served. FREE

Dragon Week
Monday, April 27 12:00:00 AM
Combines the best of all the animal weeks in every class. FREE

Parent Assistant Training: Classroom
Wednesday, April 29 5:30 – 6 PM
Learn how to take attendance, give out patches and do a large number of small things to help the senseis do what they do best!

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