The 2024 Calendar and class schedule are now posted here! Check it out!


February 28, 2024 12:00 am - February 28, 2024 12:00 am

Competition Class:  Sets : Monday Feb 5th  6  – 7  PM

To help prepare for belt advancement and the In House Tournament, we are offering extra training for our students. This event is for all Powerplay or Breakthrough level students under green.  FREE

Black Belt Gateway Exam: Wednesday Feb 7th  7  – 10  PM

Part one of the Belt Exam: A thorough review of all required material.   By invitation only

Belt Advancement: Wednesday Feb 7th  4  – 9  PM

Belt Advancement will be held at Integrity Martial Arts.  The test schedule is as follows:  7:00 PM Black Belt Gateway Exam: Part one of the Belt Exam   No classes will be held this day. By invitation only  FREE

Chinese New Year @ Li’s Brothers: Saturday Feb 10th  7  – 10  PM

Special night out to celebrate the new year with friends and a feast.  Adults only for this event.  $20 pp – $30 per couple  Ask about our parent night out

Chinese New Year: Saturday Feb 10th

Happy Chinese New Year!

Self Defense Class: Sunday Feb 11th  10  – 12  PM

Free Self Defense Class for adults and teens of all genders.  Discover the powerful arsenal you already have that can keep you safe from a larger, stronger and aggressive adversary. Come and get a free bag of chips.  Register at

Form Three Clinic: Monday Feb 12th  7  – 8  PM

Sharpen up your Form 3 before belt advancement and the competition.  This seminar is designed for all Advanced Breakthrough students. FREE

Ninja Parent Night Out: Wednesday Feb 14th  6  – 8  PM

Parent Night Out! Leave the kids with us so you can enjoy some time with one of your other favorite people. Your kids will get to participate an exciting Ninja Adventure involving obstacles, puzzles, monsters and swordfighting. Pizza will be served.   $39. Limit of 20 Students.

Valentines Day: Wednesday Feb 14th


In House Tournament: Saturday Feb 17th  9  – 12  PM

Students compete for fun and for the chance to be highlighted at KarateCon.  Pizza will be served. Sign up at least one week prior to the event at  The In House Tournament is free if you register on time.  If you register late (within a week of the event) you will be charged $30.  No classes will be held this day.

Also be sure to register for Karatecon (coming in March) by this date at to pay $60 instead of $90.  FREE

Review Seminar: Forms: Thursday Feb 22nd  7  – 8  PM

We want to make sure that every student is excellent at their Forms.  This seminar will quickly move through the Forms 1-6 and will help you remember material that you have forgotten or just need polished.  Jr Breakthrough and Breakthrough Students Green and up please.

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