The 2024 Calendar and class schedule are now posted here! Check it out!


May 1, 2024 12:00 am - June 30, 2024 12:00 am

Student Photos By Action Hero Photo: Monday Jun 3rd Until Wednesday 3  – 9  PM

Each year, we bring in a professional photography company to do take outstanding photographs of our students.  They will offer packages if you would like, but the sitting is free.  Please get your picture taken for our yearbook even if you do not intend to purchase anything.   FREE Sitting

Belt Advancement: Wednesday Jun 12th  4  – 9  PM

There will be no classes held this day for belt advancement.  Belt Advancement will take place at Integrity Martial Arts. The test schedule is as follows:  4:30 PM Beginners (ages 6 – 10), 5:30 PM Powerplay Students, 7:00 PM Advanced Powerplay Students, 8:00 PM Breakthrough (Junior Breakthrough and Adults) under Green belt   FREE

Green Belt Party: Wednesday Jun 12th  6:45 – 7:30 PM

New green belts will get to learn some of their new material, get to know each other and celebrate graduating the Powerplay class.  Pizza will be served!  FREE

Orange Belt Party: Wednesday Jun 12th  5:15 – 6  PM

New orange belts will get to learn some of their new material, get to know each other and celebrate graduating the Beginner class.  Pizza will be served!  FREE

Integrity Mingle : Thursday Jun 13th  During Class Hours

Parents will get a chance to meet and mingle with the other parents at the dojo during their regular class times.  If you just entered a new class, this is a good opportunity to meet new parents in your child’s class and the scoop on how things work from a parent perspective.

Black Belt Gateway Exam: Friday Jun 21st  6  – 9  PM

Part one of the Belt Exam   By invitation only

School Is Out Dodgeball Party: Friday Jun 14th  6  – 9  PM

Teams of four IMA students plus as many friends as you can muster compete.   Non student guests should register at – pizza will be served. FREE

Sensei Appreciation Party At Collins Creamery: Saturday Jun 15th  1:30 – 2:30 PM

It is Sensei Janice’s birthday so come celebrate her. The Senseis all agreed to celebrate our own birthdays with her too at this beautiful and delicious location.

Movie Night & IMAX Seminar: Inside Out 2: Saturday Jun 15th Time TBD but around 4pm 4  – 6  PM

Come see a movie together. Watch Riley discover more and more about Riley. This event will be followed by a pizza party and discussion about the film.

Inside Out IMAX Seminar : Saturday Jun 15th Right after the film 6  – 8  PM

IMAX students can join us for discussion of the movie and lessons about feelings. Pizza will be served.

Fathers Day: Sunday Jun 16th


Eid al Adha Eve: Sunday Jun 16th


Staff Training Week – No Classes: Monday Jun 17th Through Saturday

Our staff will spend time renewing certifications, polishing their skills, and creating a better dojo for us all.  Being a martial arts instructor is demanding.  We insist that people are working out, training and improving their physical skills.  But honestly, the physical skills are the easy part.

What we really work hard on are our communication skills, our motivation skills, our teaching skills.  It is a totally different approach from most businesses.  Even school teachers often get less training in these areas than your Sensei does.  We will be diving deep into interpersonal skills like de-escalation, personality profiles, character assets, crime prevention and violence intervention.


Juneteenth: Wednesday Jun 19th


Integrity Council: Wednesday Jun 19th  6  – 8:30 PM

Interested adults will gather with the Senseis to discuss how to improve the experience at IMA and to give feedback.

First Day Of Summer: Thursday Jun 20th


Review Seminar: Grounds: Thursday Jun 27th  7  – 8:30 PM

We want to make sure that every student is excellent at reproducing their Ground defenses.  This seminar will quickly move through the Grounds 1-8 and will help you remember material that you have forgotten or just need polished.  Jr Breakthrough and Breakthrough students Green and Up please.

Tricking Clinic: Cartwheels, Butterfly Kick and Tornado Kick: Friday Jun 28th  4  – 5  PM

Tricking is the part of Performance Martial Arts that integrates gymnastic jumps, flips and twists with martial arts moves. Super fun and no experience required.

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