The 2024 Calendar and class schedule are now posted here! Check it out!


March 31, 2024 12:00 am - March 31, 2024 12:00 am

Art Of Diplomacy: Friday Mar 1st  8:30 – 6:30 AM

Diplomacy is a brilliant board game that teaches how to influence, persuade, create win-wins and occasionally stab your allies in the back.  Oh well.  We will use the site to play.  Players should be old enough and focused enough to play a board game well into the night.   Dropping out in the middle is not okay.  Free to IMAX Only This event will take place via zoom. Please join us by going to

KarateCon Sets & Escapes Clinic: Friday Mar 1st  5  – 6  PM

To help prepare for KarateCon, we are offering extra training to our Powerplay students to prepare them to do their best.  This seminar is designed for students in the Beginner, Powerplay and Advanced Powerplay classes.   FREE

KarateCon Sets & Escapes Clinic: Monday Mar 4th  7  – 8  PM

Get ready for KarateCon.  Ideal for Breakthrough level students under green.   FREE

Movie Night: Kung Fu Panda 4 Release: Friday Mar 8th Time TBD but around 6pm 6  – 8  PM

Come see a movie together! Follow Po on his wide-eyed adventures in ancient China, whose love of kung fu is matched only by an insatiable appetite.

Black Belt Final Exam: Saturday Mar 9th  3  – 11:30 PM

For students who are testing for their Black Belt. This is a long and rigorous examination and challenge. Participants must consistently demonstrate the abilities to stay Present, Adaptable and Unstoppable.  All Black Belts are encouraged to come.   FREE

Daylight Savings Time: Sunday Mar 10th

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour this morning (or last night).

Ramadan Eve: Sunday Mar 10th


Junior Black Belt Prequalifier: Wednesday Mar 13th  7  – 8  PM

Belt Advancement will be held at Integrity Martial Arts.  The test schedule is as follows:  7:00 PM Third Degree Browns Pretest for their Junior Black Belts and will promote at KarateCon.

KarateCon Volunteer Orientation: Wednesday Mar 20th  7:30 – 8:30 PM

KarateCon is a production and it needs your help.  Adults can help with getting kids on and off the stage, prepping the awards and making sure everyone has a fantastic time.

KarateCon Prep Party: Wednesday Mar 20th  6  – 8  PM

KarateCon is this weekend and there are folders to stuff, things to pack up, and patches to be prepped.  Can you help? Please preregister – ages 12 & up only please. Pizza will be served.

KarateCon Setup: Friday Mar 22nd  6  – 8  PM

Help setup chairs and get things ready for the big day.

KarateCon: Saturday Mar 23th  9  – 1  PM

KarateCon is our biggest school-wide event.  All students are expected to attend.  The event combines a martial arts seminar, recital and graduation party for our new black belts.  Refreshments will be served.  Come learn, advance, perform and cheer.  Sign up at before The In House Tournament to get the best price.  $60 per participant.  Spectators are free. Register before the inhouse tournament to avoid the $30 late fee and to get a tshirt .

Black Belt Celebration: Saturday Mar 23th  At KarateCon

This is a public event and a must for anyone who wants to be a Black Belt some day.  Come see our newest Black Belts perform and see demonstrations from our current Black Belts.  Junior Black Belts will also be performing. All IMA students and families are invited and refreshments will be served.  This event is part graduation party and part education for future Black Belts.  It is required that every student attend at least one prior to achieving Red Belt.  Red star awards will be given to students who have recently completed a year of martial arts.  Refreshments will  be served.   FREE

Belt Advancement at KarateCon: Saturday Mar 23th

Students testing on Sets and Escapes and Forms who qualify can promote at KarateCon. This is the biggest belt advancement with students in Beginners, Powerplay, Advanced Powerplay, and Breakthrough are all eligible test.   FREE

Palm Sunday: Sunday Mar 24th


Holi: Monday Mar 25


Makeup Belt Advancement: Wednesday Mar 27th  6  – 7  PM


Good Friday: Friday Mar 29th


Easter Sunday: Sunday Mar 31st

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