The 2024 Calendar and class schedule are now posted here! Check it out!


April 1, 2024 12:00 am - May 31, 2024 12:00 am

Black Belt Qualifier Exam: Wednesday May 1st  4  – 9  PM

The test schedule is as follows:  5:30 Makeup Test. 7:00 Black Belt Qualifier.  The Black Belt Qualifier determines which students will earn ‘high belts’ which marks their initiation into the Black Belt Testing Cycle, an intensive process lasting 3-4 months to prepare them for their Black Belt Degree.   FREE

Way Of The Jedi Seminar: Saturday May 4th  11  – 12:30 PM

Jedi are fictional warriors from the Star Wars epic who follow a strict code of ethics. Come learn a Jedi fight sequence and bea star while learning the tenets of the Jedi: Self-Discipline, Meditation, Diplomacy, Awareness and Physical Fitness.  Pizza will be served.   Free to IMAX Only

Teacher Appreciation Week: Monday May 6th Until Saturday

This week we will make sure that our teachers receive the respect they deserve for the remarkable contribution that they are to our community.   FREE

Head in the Games Night: Friday May 10th  7  – 10  PM

GAMES NIGHT!  Parents come in and play fun, intelligent board games with your kids.  If they are 11 and up, you can stay or just drop them off and have a great night out.  Pizza will be served.    Free to IMAX Only. This event will take place at Haven Games in the Enfield Square Mall.

Mothers Day: Sunday May 12th


Red Belt Seminar: Saturday May 18th  2  – 4  PM

Preparing for black belt is an intense process.  You have to stay on top of all your material and gain new and importants skills and ways of thinking.  These seminars are designed to bring out those qualities.  Red Belts and Black Belts Only.

Black Belt Alumni Banquet: Saturday May 18th  6  – 9  PM

Black Belts only.  Black Belts may bring one non-Black-Belt guest.  Come join us for our informal dinner.  $25 per person, $50 per couple

Black Belt Alumni Weekend: Saturday May 18th  All day

Come join the fun and bond with the Black Belt family.

Summer Safety For Small Samurai: Saturday May 25th  9  – 9:30 AM

Summertime has its pleasures and its dangers.  Have your child learn how to be safer so you can relax.   FREE

Memorial Day: Monday May 27th

The studio will be closed for Memorial Day

Review Seminar: Sets & Escapes: Thursday May 30th  6  – 7  PM

Sometimes we all need a refresher.  Get a crash course in all 16 Sets and all 10 escapes.  Perfect for students testing next month but need a little help on their older material

Ninja Parent Night Out: Friday May 31st  6  – 9  PM

Parent Night Out!  Your kids will get to participate an exciting Ninja Adventure involving obstacles, puzzles, monsters and swordfighting. Pizza will be served.   Free

Performance Weapons: Friday May 31st  4  – 5  PM

Performance Martial Arts is the fun and exciting way to show off your karate skills.  This seminar will teach a nunchuck set which is an excellent weapon to learn how to manipulate and be creative with a weapon in your hand.

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