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September 1, 2024 12:00 am - October 31, 2024 12:00 am

Rosh Hashannah eve: Wednesday Oct 2nd

Begins at sundown.

Sparring Class: Friday Oct 4th  5  – 6  PM

To help prepare for the Tournament, we are offering extra training for our students aged 6 & up.   Sparring is like tag with your hands and feet – heavy contact is not allowed.  FREE

Red Belt Seminar: Wednesday Oct 9th  7  – 8:30 PM

Preparing for black belt is an intense process.  You have to stay on top of all your material and gain new and importants skills and ways of thinking.  These seminars are designed to bring out those qualities.  Red Belts and Black Belts Only.

Yom Kippur Eve: Friday Oct 11th

Begins at sundown.

Child Safety Day: Sunday Oct 13th  2  – 4  PM

Come join Integrity Martial Arts and a host of community organizations committed to your children’s safety, health and wellbeing.  Red star awards will be given to students who have recently completed a year of martial arts.  This is a huge, public, outdoor festival not to be missed.   FREE

Indigenous People’s Day: Monday Oct 14th

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures. Classes are in session.

Review Seminar: Forms: Monday Oct 14th  7  – 9  PM

We want to make sure that every student is excellent at reproducing their Forms.  This seminar will quickly move through the Forms 1-6 and will help you remember material that you have forgotten or just need polished.  Jr Breakthrough and Breakthrough Students Green and Up please.

Belt Advancement: Wednesday Oct 16th  4  – 9  PM

There will be no classes held this day for belt advancement.   The test schedule is as follows:  4:30PM Beginners, 5:30 PM Black Belt Pre-Qualifier One for students under Black. 7PM Pre-Qualifier Two for Black Belt level students, 8:00PM Beginner Breakthrough (Junior Breakthrough and Adults). Prequalifiers are not advancements, they instead help students set goals for achieving their black belts and degrees of black belt.   FREE

Mission Statement Seminar: Thursday Oct 17th  6  – 7:30 PM

Having the life you want is not an accident. Learn what makes you tick and how to unlock your passions by forming your life around what is most important to you.  This seminar is mission critical.   Free By Invitation

Sparring Class: Friday Oct 18th  5  – 6  PM

Get your Sparring game in gear (pun intended).  Learn the basics of our sport fighting.  No previous experience required and this is a non-contact class.  It is like tag with your hands and feet.   We need a minimum of six for this series to run.

Head in the Games Night: Friday Oct 18th  7  – 10  PM

GAMES NIGHT!  Parents come in and play fun, intelligent board games with your kids.  If they are 11 and up, you can stay or just drop them off and have a great night out.  Pizza will be served.    Free to IMAX Only This event will take place at Haven Games in the Enfield Square Mall.

Bully Safe Parent Night OUT: Saturday Oct 19th  5:30 – 7:30 PM

Come learn Frank Sacco’s approach to defeating bullies without fighting.  Ages 6-12 welcome.  FREE

Women’s Safety Class: Monday Oct 21st  0

This is part one of two parts of a critical teaching on how to stay safe.  It is recommended you attend both parts.  The course will cover tactical, lifestyle, emotional, psychological and physical elements of what it takes to maximize safety.  This course is open to the public.  Register at  Free

Integrity Council: Thursday Oct 24th  7  – 8:30 PM

Interested adults will gather with the senseis to discuss how to improve the experience at IMA and to give feedback.  The integrity council may also be in charge of socials and recruiting parent assistants.

Chanbara Clinic: Saturday Oct 26th  12  – 1  PM

Hone your battle skills and get ready for the The In House Tournament in this three week seminar.  All ages welcome.  We need a minimum of six students to register to run this series.  FREE

Halloween Safety Tips: Saturday Oct 26th  9  – 9:30 AM

Taking candy from strangers?  Walking around in disguise in the dark?  Halloween is a lot of fun but breaks a lot of safety protocol.  Learn how to stay safer without wrecking the Trick Or Treat experience.  Bring a friend to Small Samurai or Beginner Class.  This seminar will take place during regular class.  FREE

Halloween Costumes in class: Saturday Oct 26th  In Class

Wear your Halloween costumes to class!

Women’s Safety Class: Monday Oct 28th  7  – 9  PM

This is second part of a class on how to stay safe.  The course will cover tactical, lifestyle, emotional, psychological and physical elements of what it takes to maximize safety.  This course is open to the public.  Register at  Free

Halloween: Thursday Oct 31st

No Classes!

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